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SC CORA PRINT SRL operates based on Law 448/2006, completed and updated by Decision 89/2010 and GEO 86/2008, legislative documents that regulate the activity and authorization of protected units. According to art.44 of the Methodological Norms for the application of choice 448/2006, "Protected Units" are considered "companies in which persons with disabilities carry out their activity, under certain conditions". Consequently, our society, through its activity, pursues the socio-professional reintegration of these disadvantaged categories and the right of persons with disabilities to a dignified, normal and independent life.

We present the advantages of a partnership with a protected unit.
The equivalent value of the products or services provided by our company as a protected unit according to the authorized CANE codes, will NO longer be paid directly by you, but will be deducted from the budgetary fees paid monthly. Save on your budget. You'll be able to save on other budget chapters. Help the integration of people with disabilities into society. Increase your company's public image.

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