ITMES Hungary kft

ITMES Hungary has been designed to meet the growing needs of industrial consumers and beyond for the repair of electronic machines / equipment. Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in repairing industrial electronic equipment. Thanks to our accumulated experience, we can say that we are able to respond to any technological challenge.

Repair of electronic components for industrial machines, frequency inverters, power supplies, PLCs, etc.

Acquisition and installation of production robots or other automation.
Scada, process management, production management, etc.

Among our main activities we can mention the following:
Industrial electronics repair and automation
Electronic boards production
Computer networks/servers/cloud solution
Advanced IoT Security systems (surveillance and security systems)
Advanced Fire protection systems
Building management systems (BMS), design of intelligent buildings
Parking systems (with payment or license plate recognition)
Bath, fitness, wellness, spa access and registration systems (wristbands, cards,etc)
Personal Protection Equipment storage machines (with waste management)
Automatic warehouse storage machines

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