Eldrive Romania installs charging stations for electric cars in Supernova retail centers

September 13, 2023


Eldrive Romania has started installing charging stations for electric cars in the parking lots of shopping centers owned by the Austrian real estate group Supernova. The partnership started with charging stations located in Pitesti, Bucharest (Pantelimon, Alexandriei, Lujerului), Bacau, Constanta and Drobeta-Turnu Severin.


By 8th of September 2023, 8 charging stations were already put into use in Supernova Pitesti shopping complex, which can simultaneously serve up to 10 electric cars, respectively 6 stations in Bucharest (Cora Pantelimon parking lot), which can simultaneously charge 8 electric vehicles. Similar configurations are proposed for the following sites, designed according to the requirements of users in the area and adapted to the available space and technical conditions.


“Supernova Group supports on several levels the transition to a greener future”, said Markus Pinggera, Managing Director of Supernova Group, and the partnership with Eldrive Romania is one of these components. The Supernova Group has been active in real estate for over 20 years. In addition to its activities in Romania, Supernova is present in its home country Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia. The Supernova Group has started the implementation of the Green Energy Project, through which it aims to optimize business practices and achieve full carbon neutrality by 2028.  In Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, Supernova already owns 27 PV projects.



Camelia Popescu (Sin), Country Manager Eldrive in Romania, confirms the growth plans of Eldrive Romania network. “We rely on key locations, such as those owned by Supernova Group.”


In the Supernova Pitești shopping Centre there are 2 stations in 120 kW DC configuration, with two CCS connectors for each station. The stations are able to split the power into 60 kW by 60 kW when charging two machines simultaneously. There are also 4 25 kW DC stations with one CCS connector each and 2 22 kW AC stations with one Type 2 connector each. In the Cora Pantelimon Centre, 2 stations in the 150 kW DC configuration can be used, with two CCS connectors for each station and 4 stations of 22 kW AC, with one Type 2 connector each.


Eldrive is a brand of the international company eMobility International AD, which operates in Romania through the company eMobility Charging S.R.L. Eldrive also operates in Bulgaria and Lithuania, and Latvia is included in the expansion plans. More than 800 charging stations are currently active in the Eldrive network.


Source: energynomics.ro