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By joining us you have the possibility to find information about companies that are in your range of interests. As a member of InTradeFairs you can filter our database of buyers and suppliers by status type and type of company, by commodity groups and primary products. You also have the possibility to search buyers or suppliers around your company and you can set a specific distance to be considered when filtering.

All member companies have a detailed presentation and you can find useful information about those companies. This aspect also gives the possibility to InTradeFairs platform to be very flexible when it comes to make selections, but if you consider that we have to add other selection filters, we will easily do this so that our members have the best user experience with our website platform.

And let's don't forget about the advantages given by a very detailed and well organized categories list. There already are more than 2000 categories that you can use to identify the products or services that you are searching for or that you want to sell. More than this, because we know that even with so many categories, the industrial areas are so diversified and sometimes it is very difficult to find what we are looking for, we've added another category - commodities groups in order to facilitate more the filtering process. Furthermore, if you consider that your products and services, or that the products and services that you are searching for could not be very well integrated in the existent categories, please inform us about this and we will find a solution for you either by adding a new category or by adapting the existing ones.

Other important and useful information that is available for our members on InTradeFairs, is the Data section with updated worldwide information about commodities analysis, commodities prices and their evolution on the market. The information is updated monthly, so you have access to the latest information about markets evolution and you can make forecasts and take actions in order to improve your company development.

The Resources section is another area with useful information especially created so that each member has access to information about technologies and industrial domains. Also the member companies have the possibility to add content about industrial domains and this content is available for all InTradeFairs members. "News" is another section where you can find useful industrial information about the latest events that happen in the world and could impact your business.