Folia, innovative metalworking fluid technology. The outstanding solution for you and your operations

March 6, 2024


The Folia range is a revolution in the field of metalworking. It is a bio sourced and water-based fluid free of oils and emulsifiers. With a high lubricity and an excellent colling power, it offers users a unique solution for multiple metalworking operations.

Using advanced technologies, we bring to market the first and only metalworking fluid, that replaces standard oils with bio sourced polymers, providing the best performance for the operators and their environment.

Immerged into Folia, the 4 balls continue not to weld even at very high load and the wear diameter remains limited. This test demonstrates the exceptional ability to protect against wear and exposure to very high mechanical loads, thanks to the excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties exhibited by these products during processing.

This unique feature allows not only to make outstanding saving on tools but also permit to use Folia in a large range of applications from cutting to forming where straight oils are usually used.



The key benefits of Folia:

1) Excellent lubrication and refrigeration;

2) Long fluid lifespan;

3) Compatible with slideway oils;

4) Do not foam;

5) Do not mix with tramp-oil;

6) Limited inventory;

7) Non-hazardous.


FOLIA is an adaptable fluid that can be applied in several metalworking operations: conventional machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, severe machining of hard and extremely hard metals, and moderate to severe machining of medium-hard metals. The accepted hardness of solution forming water ranges from very slightly hard to very hard water.

The Folia range protects and preserves the condition of machine paints. It also reduces the number and duration of technological and accidental machine stoppages, protects and keeps intact sealing elements made of rubber or other materials and keeps the surface of chippings clean, prevents the appearance of burning stains on the surface of metal chips.

The folia range is an outstanding solution for production operations by reducing costs and maintenance and increasing productivity. It is an eco-friendly lubricant that comes from a renewable source and offers more than protection for tools and equipment, it offers PERFORMANCE.


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