LG partners with SVT Robotics to accelerate development of autonomous mobile robots

April 11, 2024


LG Business Solutions USA is collaborating with SVT Robotics, a software provider that empowers IT teams to seamlessly integrate, monitor, and scale automation, to integrate LG’s new CLOi CarryBot autonomous mobile robots into US warehouse environments. By leveraging the SoftBot Platform from SVT Robotics, prebuilt integrations easily enable the LG CLOi CarryBot AMRs to connect to virtually any warehouse management solution.


The SoftBot Platform from SVT Robotics streamlines integration between hardware and software partners including Warehouse Management Systems, Warehouse Execution Systems, Material Control Systems, vertical lifts, packaging automation and more.

This enables organizations to easily scale and adapt to changing business requirements, all while driving innovation and lowering the total cost of ownership.

IT teams also get access to system health across multiple technologies and facilities from a dashboard, empowering them to easily monitor and troubleshoot to maximize uptime.



According to Tom Bingham, Senior Director at LG Business Solutions USA, the SoftBot Platform enables LG CLOi CarryBot customers to quickly deploy new robots without the need for custom code, reducing risk and minimizing IT burden.

Bingham says: “Autonomous robotics are creating new opportunities to improve warehouse efficiency, productivity, profitability and employee wellbeing.

“We sought out SVT Robotics because of the vital role warehouse technology providers play in streamlining warehouse operations, as well as the need for robotic solutions to be fully integrated and compatible with existing systems including WMS and WES solutions.

“Our work with SVT Robotics has simplified CLOi CarryBot integration to nearly a plug-and-play process by providing proven, tested integration software that eliminates the need for IT teams to depend on custom-coded approaches.”


LG’s CLOi CarryBot, launched in the United Statesrecently at the MODEX 2024 trade show, offers warehouses a powerful, easy-to-use solution that can move up to 1.2 meters per second with 18 hours of runtime and a 6-hour charge time.

Up to 100 CarryBots can operate in unison, enabling use in organizations and spaces of any size and complexity. A convenient, intuitive 9.2-inch color touchscreen provides info and control options.

The rolltainer-type CarryBot features wide, deep shelves for larger items, while the smaller mounting-type CarryBot is designed to fit into tighter spaces. The mounting-type model also includes an integrated holder for barcode scanners to further simplify operations.


A.K. Schultz, CEO and co-founder of SVT Robotics, says: “SVT Robotics’ goal is to accelerate and simplify deployment of robotics in environments where minutes of downtime can equal thousands of dollars for businesses.

“And we’re looking forward to doing just that for the new LG CLOi CarryBots. Whether a warehouse is introducing its first robot or its hundredth, the SoftBot Platform will enable LG customers to easily onboard, monitor and optimize the technology.”


Source: roboticsandautomationnews.com