Makita launches new self-leveling 360-degree 3-plane lasers

November 17, 2021


New Multi-Directional Red and Green Lasers Offer Accurate Lines for Plumb, Level, Align and Square Applications


Makita, the leader in cordless power tool innovation, announced the release of 12V max CXT® Self-Leveling 360° 3-Plane Lasers with red beam (SK700D) and green beam (SK700GD). These lasers are ideal for the layout phase of construction and a variety of trades, including HVAC, drywall, MEP, carpentry, deck building, masonry, and many more.

Multi-directional lasers that provide a full 360° plane deliver the ability to apply a reference position to all four surfaces within a room. These lasers offer three 360° laser planes, one horizontal and two vertical planes, which provides 6 cross-points. This allows the user to perform plumb, level, align and square applications without having to reposition the laser. The SK700D and SK700GD provide sharp laser lines with +/- 1/16” at 33’ for best-in-class accuracy. The SK700D has a visibility range of 82’ and the SK700GD has a visibility range of 115’, but both can be detected up to 230’ with a detector.


The lasers also feature a fine vertical line adjustment knob for increased accuracy and an eccentric base to adjust the vertical line while maintaining the plumb point position. The integrated pendulum lock enables slope or incline applications by deactivating the self-leveling function.


A simplified two-button interface provides easy operation of the lasers. A user can adjust the brightness of the laser, a low setting conserves battery power and extends run time. The SK700D red laser provides up to 22 hours of continuous run time with a 12V max CXT 4.0Ah Battery, while the SK700GD green laser provides up to 14 hours.

For added protection, these lasers are dust and water resistant with IP54 rating, have a rubberized housing over-mold, and highly protected laser windows. A magnetic bracket with integrated ¼” and 5/8” threads secures the laser to metal surfaces, wood surfaces, or tripods.



12V max CXT® System


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