The Software Toolbox for Production and Traceability

October 13, 2022


Business Success, Automated by NC-Vision


If  you are a manufacturer, a fabricator, a processor, or even a raw materials provider, you either already have or will soon be required to provide product traceability information to your customers. The pressing production problems are now accompanied by product liability and risk management, no matter your  industry.


Do you have quality problems and no time to think about improvements due to constant firefighting? What would you say about reducing your inventory levels and picking up times, so production stoppages belong to the past?


 If you are in the dark about what happens on the shop floor or struggle with low operating efficiency or lack of product traceability, the right solution for production and traceability is here. Meet NC-Vision, the Software Toolbox for Production and Traceability.


Overcome all your manufacturing challenges: use NC-Vision’s software platform to optimize your  inventory control, order fulfillment, and production planning by automating your processes.


Get a head-start over your competition and make your production ready for your demanding customers: Based on NC-Vision’s revolutionary toolbox approach, mix and match just the applications  you need for an affordable solution you can deploy in days instead of months.


NC-Vision’s toolbox for production and traceability covers any  industry, from automotive, food manufacturing to logistics and retail and  each process of a production environment from manufacturing execution, warehouse management, track and trace, quality management and much more. No matter where you are in your journey and whatever your business size or type, there’s a NC-Vision solution for you.



Get started in days instead of months, with your unique composition:

  • NC-Vision’s flexible applications can be adapted to match your processes and requirements with easy configuration and integration. Nn need for expensive customizing that takes months, after 1-2 days of workshops directly into implementation and go-live.
  • Thanks to the embedded revolutionary NoCode Software technology,  NC-Vision’s software toolbox allows you to add further  custom functionality fast and easy  without writing a single line of source code.


NC-Vision takes great pride in how their customers are enjoying success with NC-Vision solutions that are transforming their businesses and helping them thrive.


Meeting Traceability Requirements of Renowned Global Brands


Traceability plays a major role at COINDU in order to meet the high quality requirements of COINDU and its customers. At the site in Curtici near Arad, COINDU-Quality Management identified further potential for quality improvement.

Due to the complexity, the implementation was an IT technical challenge and could not be accomplished with the existing IT Traceability systems.



Warehouse Management to meet the Demands of a fast-growing Market


Eurosport DHS, the leading producer and exporter of bicycles and electric bicycles in Southeastern Europe, has chosen to implement its Warehouse Management System Solution to optimize its warehouse operations.


DHS selected NC Vision for its revolutionary toolbox approach and No-Code technology, which ensure that NC-Vision’s flexible modules can be adapted to match the processes and requirements with easy configuration and integration.


With the NC Vision solution, DHS not only reduced the effort on the warehouse operators and the time needed to onboard new personnel, but also significantly increased inventory accuracy. All raw materials are being identified and traced from arrival in the plant until usage in the production line.




Move Your Production to the Next Level, affordably

NC-Vision is your hands-on partner  and can guide you through a Do-It-Yourself implementation or  accompany you from consulting and support to implementation and roll-out.



Overcome all your manufacturing challenges: use NC-Vision’s software toolbox to optimize your  inventory control, order fulfillment, and production planning by automating their processes. See NC-Vision in action and schedule a free discovery session. Together with the solution consultants, discover which applications  will help you most increase your efficiency and quality, or add traceability if required by your important clients – without breaking the bank.


If you would like to get to know more about NC-Vision software toolbox and solutions, visit their website or book an appointment in their calendar!