SOMIPRESS supplies high-quality aluminium die-casting parts to companies in the Automotive and Mechanical industries

February 28, 2024

SOMIPRESS ROMANIA  is a company part of SOMIGroup an Italian group founded in 1972, working in the field of aluminium die-casting. It supplies high-quality aluminium die-casted parts to the Automotive, Household Appliances and Mechanical industry companies.

SOMIPRESS is able to carry out, besides the die-casting process, surface treatments, mechanical machining and assembly operations equipped with free-pass certification to the customer’s assembly lines. All the work is carried out with the help of state-of-art machineries, which are continuously updated.



Somipress is a leading aluminium die-casting company in the Automotive and Gas burner sectors.
They develop, innovate and provide outstanding product quality, working  in co-design with customers.

You can contact Somipress at +40 261 770 266; and visit their website