XEV participates in TIMISOARA AUTO EXPO 2024

June 6, 2024


XEV YOYO announced its participation in TIMISOARA AUTO EXPO 2024, the main new car fair in western Romania. The event will take place at Shopping City Timișoara on June 08-09, 2024.


In 2018 in Turin, Lou Tik founded XEV, an innovative brand with an ambitious vision: to create an affordable electric car for all. Its goal was to bring accessible technologies to everyone, promoting responsible and environmentally aware mobility.

Today, Yoyo is guided by cutting-edge innovation, technology and design. Focus on user experience to provide every driver with a memorable and enjoyable urban journey.

Designed in Italy, the XEV YOYO was born to be recognized. With its futuristic lines and 9 captivating color combinations, Yoyo journeys take you to an electric future accompanied by an unmistakable design.

XEV YOYO is a revolutionary vehicle, designed for change and to offer unique driving experiences.

The colors reflect an ideal lifestyle that ignites people's passion and inspiration to explore their own way of living life to the fullest.

YOYO vehicles bring together cutting-edge technologies to create a revolutionary driving experience.

It motivates and empowers drivers to choose a sustainable vehicle with a positive impact on the urban space.

It captures the excitement and agility of driving electric vehicles through compact design and high-performance functionality.

Fashionable for urban dwellers, not only environmentally friendly, but also stylish thanks to unique and unmistakable design elements.


YOYO is more than just a vehicle – it is a statement of commitment to a sustainable future. Being fully electric, it is an innovative choice for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment.

With no direct greenhouse gas emissions and no noise pollution, YOYO not only provides a smooth and quiet driving experience, but also contributes significantly to improving the air quality and sound environment in the communities where it is used.


YOYO is for those who want a quick mobility solution in the city. It's for those who don't have time to waste looking for the perfect parking spot, but also for those who are looking for an alternative to travel, as sustainable as a bicycle.

It is compact and perfect for the urban agglomeration but also for small escapades outside the city. YOYO is suitable and safe even for young drivers who want to express themselves freely in traffic.

The XEV YOYO can be driven from the age of 16 and is approved according to European safety standards.


Its construction around a high strength steel frame ensures maximum protection. This aspect contributes to impact absorption and protection against external forces in the event of an accident.


XEV models




Main features

• Ternary Lithium battery

• Maximum speed up to 80 km/h

• Autonomy up to 150 km

• Nominal power 7.5 kW

• Dimensions (LxWxH) 2,365 x 1,400 x 1,680 m

• 12″ 165/55 wheels and tires






The all-electric transmission of the new YOYO allows you to reach all urban destinations in a silent and environmentally friendly way.

Experience the city in a new way with YOYO. Getting around and parking has never been easier, thanks to its compact dimensions and tight turning radius. The 100% electric motor offers a sustainable solution for urban mobility.


Enjoy the full autonomy of up to 150 km (UDDS cycle). No more worrying about recharging. The innovative battery replacement system (BATTERY SWAPPING SYSTEM) debuts with YOYO.


Colors available for YOYO



With a team dedicated to corporate clients, Mega Group offers consulting and customized solutions for the mobility needs of every business.

The regional center offers you professionalism, expertise and a high level of service quality. They focus their full attention on the advantages that your company can benefit from – from vehicle development and equipment and flexible purchase options, to a wide range of service and insurance products, in order to achieve advantageous costs with a transparent structure.

Whether you are a natural person or a legal entity, Mega Group is waiting for you at the fair to present the new XEV YOYO models.


The representatives of car manufacturers will welcome you to TIMIȘOARA AUTO EXPO fair with information about new models, innovations in the field and attractive offers.

City cars, small cars, compact cars, family cars, luxury cars, sports cars, station wagons / station wagons, minivans / MPVs, SUVs and 4X4s, motorcycles and scooters, e-bikes, commercial vehicles and vans are the main attractions at TIMISOARA AUTO EXPO.

We look forward to seeing you at Shopping City, to enjoy the TIMISOARA AUTO EXPO experience. For details about the fair, please visit the event website: https://timisoaraautoexpo.intradefairs.com.