Sheldon Invest Kft.

The Sheldon Industries company lies in the heart of Hungary, just 60 km away from Budapest near the Danube River. With excellent infrastructure our services are provided far and wide all over the country and beyond.
Sheldon Industries provides complex services, designing, building, and customised production machinery systems for factories of all sizes. All-inclusive services contain the integration of the most appropriate software and technologies to meet customers’ needs, including the system control via the network of PLC or SCADA and other devices.
The custom-made, uniquely designed metal parts are manufactured on site. Many are made by traditional metal works, but the most effective manufacturing processes are the carefully designed state-of-the-art 3D printed metal parts ranging from stainless steel to titanium. A range of composite material 3D printers serve us to manufacture the in-house designed parts for our technologies as well as serve our customers for their specific requirements.
The custom-made products of Sheldon Industries are made primarily for the food-, machine and automotive industries, with references like Continental, Audi or BMW.
We aim to take part in a factory manufacturing process development to improve and develop production activities.

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