October 29, 2021

In September 2021, demand for new passenger cars in the EU shrank by 23.1% to 718,598 units, marking the lowest number of registrations for a month of September since 1995.

October 27, 2021

Creation of business units, deployment of a global logistics strategy, acquisitions, recruitments ...
These are words that we read every day in the emails of employees of the ICAPE Group company.
The French company is shifting overdrive to support a significant increase in its business activities
in the electronics industry. In a particularly complex economic context, ICAPE Group is ending the
exceptional year 2021 and keeps building from there for its customers all around the world.

October 25, 2021

DACIA SPRING, HYUNDAI BAYON, OPEL MOKKA, RENAULT ARKANA, SKODA FABIA and TOYOTA YARIS CROSS are the finalists for the ‘AUTOBEST 2022’ award. These cars will compete for the prize of ‘Best Buy Car of Europe in 2022‘. The jury of 32 members from 32 countries, will make their final assessments and cast their votes in the upcoming weeks, with the winner of the 21st Edition of AUTOBEST being announced in mid-December.

October 22, 2021

Long-distance driver Rainer Zietlow and photographer Derek Collins have concluded their record setting cross-country road trip in the Volkswagen ID.4 EV as the duo reached their final stop at Volkswagen Group of America headquarters in Herndon, VA. Upon their arrival at the last stop of the tour, Guinness World Records announced that the pair are awarded the title for the longest continuous journey by electric vehicle (non-solar) in a single country, bypassing the driven mileage set by the previous record by more than double.

October 21, 2021

According to data for 26 European markets, new car registrations slowed once again in August, with a decline of 18% to 713,714 units. This marks the lowest recorded volume in August since 2014. Last month’s decline did not however offset the growth registered during the second quarter of the year. Year-to-date volume remains higher than last year, with 8,095,419 registered units compared with 7,192,839 registered between January and August in 2020.

October 21, 2021

Sea Machines Robotics​​​​, a developer of autonomous command and control systems for the maritime industry, has completed what is believed to be the world’s first 1,000+ nautical miles autonomous and remotely commanded journey of a commercial vessel at sea.

Under the project name The Machine Odyssey, the autonomous tug Nellie Bly completed its journey in just 129 operational hours over 13 days.

October 21, 2021

Romania's national road administration (CNAIR) has ordered 135 Unimog vehicles. The first batch of 45 vehicles has now been delivered to Romania. The remaining vehicles will follow in two further stages until 2023. The Unimog trucks will be used all over the country for all manner of road maintenance work.